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What is T Spec Fiction?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Have you ever stood at a window like this and wished you were somewhere else?

Perhaps you’ve stood there and wished that you were actually riding a camel in a caravan of spice traders, journeying deep into the desert to the remote city of Timbuktu, on a secret mission for a caliph?

Or perhaps you’ve wished that a space ship would suddenly drop down, beam you right through that plate glass window and whisk you away to worlds you couldn’t have imagined?

Or you’ve wished that a wizard would suddenly barge through the door, draft you into a quest, whip out his magic ball and take you somewhere else?

Or. . . . We would be here a while, couldn’t we? I didn’t even get to steampunk.

Whatever the daydream, humans are hardwired with curiosity and the desire to explore. We long to experience new things, even things that don’t exist (spice caravans are buried in the past, we’re still waiting for the space ships, and if there are any wizards, they don’t come barging in my door).

So, instead, we turn to fiction. And though we might not admit it, we’re probably happier with fiction - it’s certainly safer. Camels have fleas, the desert is hot, spaceships aren’t very safe and as for wizards—Bilbo Baggins could tell you how much trouble wizards can cause.

T Spec Fiction can’t barge through your door, beam you through glass or teleport you to the desert - but we can give you a taste of those experiences through the stories that we offer - and we leave out the fleas. We do leave in some of the danger and inconvenience though; it’s not a real adventure without some of that included.

So, if you’re standing at the window, wishing you were somewhere else, please take a moment to consider cracking open our latest issue. We can’t promise anything, except a chance to escape.



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