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Developmental Editing by Jaq Thibeaux

Writing a book isn’t easy. Despite all your hard work, no writer can do it alone.

I’m offering my services as an editor to improve your novel and help you tell your story.


Developmental editors view and fix the story on a structural level. I specialize in gauging the flow and cohesiveness of your story; which includes your plot, characters and theme. If a character’s motivation isn’t working or a plot line gets lost in the shuffle, I will detect those issues and offer suggestions for how you can strengthen and refine your draft in a detailed analysis of your story.



A detailed analysis of your draft with suggestions of what to change or refine and tips on how you can polish your story even further. In my analysis, I will address the following elements of your story.

• Plot Development

• Story Arc

• Pacing

• Character Development

• Worldbuilding

• Themes

• Subplots


You will also receive a 1-hour Skype call, scheduled sometime within 2 weeks after you have received your analysis (after you have had the chance to read over it and try out the ideas I gave you). We can discuss any further questions you have, and the final ideas on how to improve your manuscript.

Please note: I specialize in speculative fiction, but will consider a wide variety of literature except for romance, horror, overly ‘dark’ stories, or excessive magic handled in a dark tone. I reserve the right to reject any manuscript for any reason.



On a Microsoft Word document (doc or docx.), include a 1 page synopsis and first 10 pages of your story.  Attach to an email and include the title and genre of your story in the body of the email.

I will contact you if I think I am a good fit for your story.



$18 per 1,000 words. 10,000 word minimum.



for a novel of 50k to 74k words: 1 month
for a novel of 75k to 115k words: 2 months
RUSH FEE (getting the novel done two weeks less than standard turnaround time) = $20




- Manuscripts must be in a Microsoft Word Doc or Docx format, in 12 pt. font Times New Roman or Arial, 1" margins, and double-spaced. 

- Documents must be sent as an attachment to an email.
- I expect half of the payment upfront, the rest after I finish the manuscript
- All payments must be made through PayPal

- If you are not pleased with my edits, there is a 50% refund
- I will only edit manuscripts with content up to a PG-13 level (I will not edit manuscripts with a large amount of profanity, sexual scenes, etc.)  
- I reserve the right to discontinue my service at any point with a 50% refund for content I am not comfortable editing
- I reserve the right to turn away any customer whom I do not think would be a good fit for the services I am offering.


I look forward to helping you make your story shine!

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