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Summon the Light

Tor Thibeaux_hard_ingram.jpg

In a quiet, seaside town, Nick works as a smuggler, disguising himself as a human and hiding his secret past as the servant of the magician Prosper.  It's been two years the great magician was killed and his island devastated and Nick has resolved himself to mere survival. 


Then a voice from the past suddenly begins to call to him and Nick cannot ignore the haunting call to restore the heart of the island. But hope is not the only thing awakening.  Darkness is stirring as well. 

Rebel Wave

Deep in the ocean of a world where the land was abandoned long ago cruises the submarine Neptune, home to a colony of sea gypsies fleeing from the oppression of the underwater world Decapolis.  With a single act, First Officer Ariana Jenkins plunges herself and her colony into a world of danger, espionage, and adventure.  

Rebel Wave is an ongoing serialized story.  

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