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Issue #1

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Experience the tingling confrontation of gunslingers and robots, the rip-roaring escapades of dwarvish jet troopers, and the reimagining of Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.  Worlds of Adventure, issue one, has a story for everyone.

Issue #2

Cover Example - Worlds of Adventure.jpg

Shiver at the eerie and chilling discoveries in an Arthurian forest, the tense peril of a young girl participating in her first star harvest, and the informant trying to evade a bounty hunter, in Worlds of Adventure, issue two.

Issue #3

Issue 3 Cover That Worked.jpg

Participate in a dangerous mission on a midnight moor, a nail-biting confrontation between soldiers on a dusty planet, and the desperate defense of an ice station against malevolent forces in Worlds of Adventure, issue three.

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