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We Are Publishing Our First Novel!

Greetings, adventurer! You might have noticed that T Spec Fiction and Worlds of Adventure has been quiet for a while. That is because we have been planning our greatest adventure yetI

We are thrilled to announce that our chief editor's next project is a multi-author series called A CLASSIC RETOLD: nine fantasy retellings of classic literature as you have never seen them before!

This dynamic line-up includes the authors, Emily Hayse, Emily Golus, Alissa Zavalianos, Nina Clare, Jenelle Schmidt, Rosie Grymm, Hannah Kaye, Allison Tebo, and, of course, our very own Tor Thibeaux.

The Series Line-Up

Emily Hayse – Hamlet

Emily Golus – Les Misérables

Alissa Zavalianos – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Nina Clare – Jane Eyre

Jenelle Schmidt – Oliver Twist

Rosie Grymm – Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Hannah Kaye – Moby Dick

Allison Tebo – Beowulf

Tor Thibeaux – The Tempest

You can sign up for cover reveals at the link below! Just check the boxes for which authors you would like to help in their cover reveals or, if you want, just select ALL so that you can help reveal all nine covers!

Everything he ever loved is gone. Can what is broken ever be restored?

In a quiet, seaside town, Nick works as a smuggler, disguising himself as a human and hiding his secret past as the servant of the magician Prospero. It’s been two years since the attack that devastated the great magician’s island leaving it dark and ruined. Prospero and his beautiful daughter, Miranda, are dead, and even Nick’s best friend, the spirit Ariel, has slipped into a coma. Nothing is left.

Nick has resolved himself to mere survival when a voice from the past suddenly begins to call to him, urging him to rebuild the magic island’s ruined chapel. No matter how futile the task, Nick cannot ignore the haunting call to restore the heart of the island.

But hope is not the only thing awakening. Darkness is stirring as well—darkness that understands the meaning of Nick’s task better than he does.

As Nick begins his work, he is stalked on land and sea—by enemies human and inhuman—all of them prepared to do whatever is necessary to keep him from summoning the light.

Tor Thibeaux re-imagines Shakespeare’s The Tempest in an epic story of good and evil in a high-stakes fantasy adventure.

Do you have any questions about A Classic Retold? Do you have any questions about Summon The Light? Comment below and let us know!


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Katie Hanna
Katie Hanna
Jun 01, 2023

So exciting! :D I can't wait to read "Summon the Light" and the other novels in this collection!

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