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Dive Into Adventure with Rebel Wave!

Our latest release is now live on Amazon and you can join Ariana in her adventures under the ocean in Rebel Wave Season One Collection! Order your copy today Amazon.

From the back cover:

17-year-old Ariana Jenkins isn't interested in staging revolutions—she's just trying to fulfill her role as First Officer of the Neptune. Life aboard the massive submarine she calls home is complicated enough. Her mobile colony is focused only on surviving, away from the oppressive underwater city state of Decapolis. But it’s hard for Ariana to stay out of trouble when the civilian council keeps threatening to take over the Neptune.

All of Ariana’s careful efforts to keep control are dashed when she decides to rescue a Decapolis citizen from a shipwreck. The encounter sparks a mutiny, and plunges Ariana into an adventure she never wanted.

Traveling to Decapolis as an undercover agent, Ariana joins forces with a small resistance group. Their goal? To overthrow the tyrannical regime.

But as the rebel group struggles to resist decades of oppression, Ariana begins to wonder if they can truly succeed. . . and if she’ll ever find her way home.

Rebel Wave is an action-packed serial featuring 12 thrilling episodes. Join the rebellion, and dive headlong into adventure.


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