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The Ingredients of Adventure

On October 28th and 29th, 2020, Hurricane Zeta ripped across the Southeastern United States, leaving thousands without power - including the office of T Spec Fiction.

As I write this blog post by flashlight, on a tablet running on battery, I am reminded why people prefer to experience adventures vicariously. A hurricane is, without doubt, a sure-fire ingredient for an adventure story - the hush before the storm, the violent winds, the possibility of being trapped in darkened buildings, maybe with a murder - all of this is perfect for a story. But in real life hurricanes are just dangerous and very inconvenient.

If you break an adventure down into it’s component parts, you will usually find at least some danger, a lot of inconvenience, and an element of the bizarre.

The latest issue of our ezine does not feature any hurricanes, but it does feature an attack on an oil zone by ferrals, the struggles of two Victorian ladies trying to transport a strange and inconvenient cargo from Venus to Mars, and the peril of a knight facing a questing beast.

These adventures sound exciting - but I’m willing to bet we’re all glad we’ll never have to live through them ourselves. For those of you with power, I hope you will take the opportunity to explore the vicarious adventures our ezine has to offer. For those of you, like us, who are still without power, I hope it is restored to you soon and you can go back to having your adventures vicariously.

Until next time, keep the spirit of adventure alive.



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