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Welcome to the Launch of T Spec Fiction!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Get ready to set sail for Adventure! All aboard for excitement and thrills!

Hello readers, welcome to the inaugural blog of our new website, T Spec Fiction.

As our ship leaves the pier and begins threading her way through the harbor and toward the open sea, I wanted to let our readers know a few things about this venture.

T Spec is our attempt to provide clean speculative fiction with an emphasis on excitement and adventure. We will be releasing a quarterly e-zine of seven stories and, in between issues, we will be publishing other content, including serials, podcasts, and eventually anthologies.

Our stories will be wide-ranging, covering most areas of speculative fiction, including steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, historical fantasy, and magical realism.

We will take you on adventures to other planets, to lost cities, to deep jungles, and other worlds. On your journeys you will be accompanied by talking animals, aliens, magicians, and robots and you may encounter some monsters to defeat along the way.

But whether you want to pilot a star-ship or sail the seven seas, we hope you will find the escape you’ve been searching for in the stories we offer.

So, as our ship sets sail, we invite you to come along on the voyage and join us in our quest for worlds of adventure.



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