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Adventures Beyond the Stars

On September 18th, 1977, this image was captured by Voyager 1. The spacecraft, about the size and weight of a sub-compact car, looked back at our planet as it began its epic journey and snapped this image.

Taken only 13 days after Voyager’s lift off from Cape Canaveral, this is the first image ever taken with the earth and moon in the same frame. We had never seen this view of our earth and moon before.

It was just the beginning in a long list of firsts that Voyager 1 achieved. In 1979 Voyager 1 flew by Jupiter capturing images of the massive gas planet, discovering volcanic activity on Jupiter’s moon Io, and discovering the faint rings of Jupiter.

In 1980, Voyager 1 visited Saturn, documenting it’s atmosphere, moons, and discovering the complexity of its rings.

And on August 25th, 2012, Voyager 1 became the first spacecraft to embark into the great, dark void of interstellar space.

For earthlings, interstellar space is just a dream; it might one day happen, but too far in the future for us to experience. However, we still like to speculate about it. Would our lives be that different in interstellar space or would we be doing pretty much the same thing we do here on earth?

In the latest issue of our e-zine, we feature a story set in interstellar space where life hasn’t changed very much since the days of the OK Corral.

Oriana has gotten in trouble and needs to get off her planet - in fact, out of her own system. But between her and the freedom of space stands an armed security droid.

In a tale that echoes the battles of the old west, Oriana must pit her wits and her skill against the droid’s razor-sharp reflexes in order to escape to freedom.

If you haven’t read One Last Shot by Jaq Thibeaux, please take a moment to check out the latest issue of our ezine.



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