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3rd E-zine Issue!

Welcome back, Adventurers! We have just released the 3rd issue of our e-zine, which we have re-titled Worlds of Adventure, to better reflect the spirit of our publication. Our newest issue has many worlds of adventure for you to explore, and as a special treat this issue includes two novellette length stories.

Join us now as we take you to a dusty planet in the middle of a war for a tense, military thriller. Travel to the foggy streets of London to explore the mysterious secrets of the Old Curiosity Shop. Experience the frozen wastes of a polar station and the fierce wrath of icy magic. Next see if you can survive crossing the mysterious and dangerous Nether Moor. Unravel the secrets of water sprites and enchments. Finally, travel to Mars to join Blanche and Cordelia in another steampunk adventure.

Come experience the thrills, action, and wonder in the third issue of Worlds of Adventure.



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