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2nd E-zine Issue!

Welcome back to Worlds of Adventure!

In the 2nd issue of our e-zine we will take you to the misty past of Arthurian England, to discover secrets lost in legend. Moving forward in time, we will take you to a remote space station in the far reaches of the galaxy, where a young girl is participating in her first star harvest.

You will experience the heart-stopping fear of an informant trying to escape from a skilled bounty hunter, and the tense danger as you explore a derelict cargo ship to discover the frightening secrets it holds.

Return with us to the zone of Cre's family in the oil fields as night falls and the ferrals close in. Return once more, to the steampunk world of Cordelia Trent and Blanche Featherstone as they voyage from Venus to Mars with surprising cargo.

All this and more, in the 2nd issue of T Spec Fiction ezine. Come join us on the next adventure.


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Joellen Kemper
Joellen Kemper
Oct 27, 2020

I’m so excited!!

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