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Sailing To Adventure!

On August 10th, in 1790, just ten years after the end of the American War for Independence, a privately owned sailing ship named the Columbia became the first American vessel to circumnavigate the globe. Under the command of Robert Gray, the Columbia visited the Pacific Northwest, the Hawaiian Islands, and China as part of a fur-trading expedition that ended up circling the globe.

Approximately 179 years later another vessel named the Columbia, this time a lunar command module, circled the earth en route to the moon.

And looking to the future, the first submarine in the Columbia-class is scheduled to enter service in the US Navy in 2031.

But last week a new serial, featuring a privately owned submarine, launched on the T Spec Fiction website.

Rebel Wave is a twelve part serial that tells the story of Ariana, a young female officer aboard a privately owned submarine home to a colony of sea gypsies, rebels who escaped the oppressive tyranny of the underwater world of Decapolis.

A single act of kindness by Ariana plunges her into an adventure involving the Decapolis, sworn enemies of the sea gypsies, turmoil aboard her own submarine, and ultimately her future.

The second episode of Rebel Wave will be released on our website on August 14th—until then, keep the spirit of adventure alive.



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