Discover an underwater civilization in an exciting, 12 part serial Rebel Wave. 

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Episode 1 - Contact in Proteus

17-year old Ariana Jenkins struggles to fill her role as the first officer of the Neptune, a submarine home to a colony of rebels seeking independence beneath the sea.  Trying to maintain her authority against the encroaching civilian council, Ariana feels that she will not live up to her father’s legacy. 

A chance meeting with a young man trying to escape the oppressive underwater cities known as Decapolis plunges Ariana into an adventure that will affect her future and the future of the Neptune. 

Contact in Proteus is the first episode of a 12 part serial, Rebel Wave.  Episode 1 is 8,000 words long.

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Episode 2 - Exiled

Ariana is back on board the Neptune, her mission completed.  But tensions are rising aboard the submarine between the military crew and the civilian colony.  When the tension finally explodes, Ariana finds herself taking the consequences.

And there is still that call for help from Decapolis. . . .

Exiled is 8,400 words long.

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Episode 3 - Arrival At Kratos

Ariana has accepted that she must go to the Decapolis, and she has to go with Vivien.

But she hasn’t adjusted to the idea of pretending to be mute. That leaves all the talking to Vivien, who can barely be trusted to get them to Kratos safely.

Can Ariana still lead the mission to success when she’s forced to communicate solely with a pencil and paper?

Arrival At Kratos is 6,549 words long.


Episode 4 - Spare Parts

Ariana and Vivien have successfully arrived on Kratos and established their repair shop. But their status as transients is making it difficult to buy parts.


Forced to come up with a solution before they lose their cover, Ariana tries a dangerous plan that puts her back in the ocean.

Spare Parts is 7,000 words long.


Episode 5 - Contact

Everything is going well for Ariana and Vivien; their supply problems have been solved and they’re getting a steady flow of business at their shop. 

Then Eric Masters finally shows up, bringing revelations that Ariana couldn’t possibly have imagined. Now the future of the mission, and a decision that will affect the Neptune and Decapolis, is in her hands.

Contact is 7,000 words long.


Episode 6 - Hijacked

With the die cast, Vivien and Eric are ready to put his plan into action.


But on a routine supply trip, Ariana is pulled aside by the police and put on board a train- destination unknown.


As she speeds away from Kratos, unable to warn Vivien and Eric, Ariana isn’t sure what the future will hold. 

Hijacked is 6,777 words long. 


Episode 7 - Legacy

When one of Eric’s contacts at a farming dome asks him to pick up a new piece of information, Ariana agrees to go along as part of Eric's cover. She still has questions about Eric’s motivations and wants to know what is driving him to bring about changes in the Decapolis.

Their trip reveals similarities they hadn’t anticipated, as they discover each other’s legacies.

Legacy is 6,493 words


Episode 8 - To Save a Friend

Everything is going according to plan for Ariana, Eric, and Vivien. Eric’s resistance efforts are continuing, while Vivien is climbing the social ladder, hoping to pick up more information.

Meanwhile, Ariana is busy maintaining their cover by working in the shop. She’s also becoming friends with the customs agent, Henderson. But will her growing friendship with Henderson jeopardize their mission?

To Save a Friend is 6,686 words long


Episode 9 - Friendships And Firewalls

The resistance effort has temporarily bogged down, as the team is left without enough information to proceed. Vivien is struggling to extract more information from the Decapolis net, but is being repeatedly stymied by security.

At the same time, Ariana is been waiting for Henderson’s decision about whether or not to turn them in to the authorities. Vivien wants to push through both obstacles, but Ariana senses that if they wait, a door will open.

Friendships And Firewalls is 6,321 words long.

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