Rebel Wave - Season 2


Episode 1 - Birthday Adventure


Ariana, Eric, and Vivien have temporarily halted their efforts to liberate Decapolis, as they wait for the police investigation into Henderson's disappearance to end.

During their wait, Ariana turns eighteen while alone in Decapolis. Determined to have an adventure instead of moping, she hops on a train leaving Kratos, but ends up getting more than she bargained for when she ends up on the run and hunted in one of the most dangerous parts of Decapolis.

Birthday Adventure is 7,097 words long.


Episode 2 - First Encounter

Ariana is trapped inside an old dome with security forces hunting her outside and another threat inside.


Helped by a new acquaintance, Ariana escapes into the ocean – but there’s still a lot of water between her and home.

First Encounter is 6,383 words long.


Episode 3 - The Central City

In The Central City, Eric and Ariana make a trip to the heart of Decapolis to pick up information from an informant. As they cross the Shallow Seas to the central city, Ariana learns some surprising things about its history, and discovers further surprises about Eric.

The Central City is the third episode of season two of Rebel Wave. 6,905 words long.